GOONS – Taco Stop

GOONS  Taco StopWhere has the fun hip hop gone? The days when you could snap on someone’s mama, The Bristol Hotel had stories, or a dude like J-Live dropped “Then What Happened?” seem like they were so long ago. We get so tired of hearing the same raps and rhymes about the same thing over some slowed down drip drop beat. These sad attempts at hip hop belong on an episode of Empire. So when something like “Taco Stop” comes along, gives us a giggle and makes us feel good for under two minutes, we feel we have to share it. Flowing over a synthed out beat, punk rocker turned hip hopper GOONS talks about “the shit I went through grubbing at my Mommas restaurant”. Just rhyming about everyday life at the Taco Stop, Goons spits it real and laces it with humor, something sorely missed in hip hop these days. The beat, provided by T dot O producer Dansos, who dabbles in hip hop and electronica, keeps your head nodding as GOONS gives you real talk with a twist:

“Theo Lacy visits, in and out the system, not the way I want my livin/ I just stayed inside and got myself some fuckin’ chicken taquitos, and burritos, some birrea, A torta, with some horchata, and jarritos”

Any tune that has horchata and Mexican Coke in it is ok in our book. There is one complaint though, we could have used a few more bars.  Let’s see what else GOONS comes up with on future projects.   If they are as good as this one and longer, we’ll have another winner.  Check the track below.

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