Dig Deeper with John Ellison of Soul Brothers Six

Dig Deeper John EllisonTomorrow night if you’re in the NYC area, you’re in for a special treat. John Ellison, songwriter and vocalist for The Soul Brothers Six will be performing at the Littlefield in Brooklyn. Backed by the Brooklyn Rhythm Band, Eilison will no doubt be performing his smash hit “Some Kind of Wonderful” a tune that is one of the most recognized in soul music. It’s been covered by many, including Grand Funk, who made the SB6 tune basically a household tune. The band has a big catalog of tunes, most coveted by soul collectors including “You Better Check Yourself”, and “You’ve Got To Have Rhythm”, a funk bomb that gained attention when DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist reintroduced it to audiences through Product Placement. A talented performer, Ellison now calls Toronto, Canada home, and is making a rare appearance in The Big Apple. As always, the night is supported by Mr. Robinson and DJ Honky, who consistently bring some of the rarest soul 45s to the turntables for your dancing pleasure. Perhaps we will get a chance to interview John at some point, but here he chats on Todd-o-phonic-Todd’s WFMU show last Saturday. It’s a great talk. If you’re around and a fan of soul music tomorrow, here’s the chance to see one of the legends of the game.

Buy tickets here.

Keep Diggin’!

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