Dr. Yen Lo – Day 3

ka 3Following up the record 1200 B.C. as well as the video “Day 0” from the forthcoming full length Days With Dr. Yen Lo, Dr. Yen Lo (Preservation and Ka) drop another cinematic and aural video for the masses. Both “Day 0” and this new, fast forwarded “Day 3” video are visually stunning. The details are tight on this project, but it looks to be based on the Dr. Yen Lo character from The Manchurian Candidate. All we can say is that this is some next level ish, and we’re looking forward to the entire record. “Day 3” is on the minimalist tip, and combine that will visuals that are professional, we are talking big screen movies, and we are sitting like Pavlov’s dog waiting on the bell. Dig deeper with projects like this people, you will not be sorry. Check out the video below and enjoy.

Keep Diggin’

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