Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators – Paint Me In A Corner

New Nicole Willisnicolewillis201501For the first time since 2013, soul veterans Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators come back with a double shot of soul 45 with “Paint Me In The Corner” b/w “Where Are You Now”. It’s great to hear her back on wax again. One of the originals of this new soul movement with the old sound, Nicole Willis has done anything but paint herself in a corner. Living in Helsinki, Finland and making her own choices have served her well. These choices were to make some of the best soul music that’s been out in years, and with the backing of the mighty Soul Investigators, they all can continue on this path of individuality forever. The music is always good, fresh, and soulful to say the least. “Paint Me In The Corner” has that Soul Investigators snap to it, complete with a great back beat, horn stabs and percussion that give it that mid ’60’s soul feel for 2015. In typical soul style, the song deals with struggles of the normal every day. Pick yourself back up, get it moving, who cares what people say. Not a song filled with humor, but a beautifully sounding and recorded track. It’s deep soul all the way, just how we like it. We especially like the percussion towards the end, I mean how could you not like some hand drums? The flip, “Where Are You Now” is the more down tempo of the two. Filled with somber organ and finely crafted percussion, Willis waxes poetic about about a love lost while grooving slowly in the corner of a dimly lit room somewhere. Slower than the A side, it’s a pace that will eventually get you swaying wherever you are, the organ and horns rocking you gently for old time’s sake. Taken from the third, forthcoming record Happiness In Every Style on Timmion Records, we are looking forward to spreading the gospel of soul when it comes our way. Hear snippets of both songs below.

Get more info on the release here.

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