DJ Akalepse Set from Lemellotron

AkalepsePhoto Credit Michael Manley
Today we bring you a sweet treat all the way from Paris via Brooklyn. Friend of the site and impeccable digger and DJ Danny Akalepse has been on a European tour for the last few weeks and he stopped by Lemellotron to drop one of his signature sets. Lemellotron have been putting a variety of DJs from all over the world on their show to play live for more than a minute, and it’s cool to hear a set from one of BK’s finest. Filled with some great funk, soul, hip hop and more, ‘lepse drops a lovely set that takes you on a ride through sweet songs, hard drum breaks, and more. We have always been a fan of his work with the Truth & Soul label, and if you haven’t got a chance to see him live, here’s a chance to at least hear what his set is all about. Close your eyes, play it loud, and take a trip on a sunny Paris day with Danny Akalepse. That’s what we’re doing.

Check out more of all things Akalepse here.

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