Test Pressings From Mr. Bongo

Test Press from Mr. BongoThroughout the world, collectors snap up limited editions, picture discs, and any other pressing they can get their hands on for their collections. If you’re unsure what we mean, check around Valentine’s Day for the instagram photos of Bobby Caldwell’s or Mayer Hawethorne’s heart shaped records on display. Hell, you can look any day to find unique offerings and pressings through hashtags like #vinylclub, #vinyligclub and more. However, there is a special place in our hearts (and the hearts of many others as well) for a test pressing. We’ve dug up weird proto french disco test pressings, and have some modern day funk and soul tests that are near and dear to our hearts. Our fave is a TP of The Darling Dears “I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Love Another” from the COS reissue. We could go on an on, but we felt like this offering from one of the coolest dealers/ record companies around was something to shout about. Mr. Bongo has opened up his test pressing sale box and is offering a grip of TP’s from a variety of artists. If you fancy Hollie Cook, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Prince Fatty, or a pile of reissued classic Brazilian joints, then you may want to check out what they have to offer. If this is your cup of tea, then you are in luck. Once they are gone, they are gone! Get on it before someone else does.

Check out what’s available here.

Keep Diggin’!

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