MG Gost: Waking Walk LP

Waking WalkUp on deck next is Serbian producer/ musician MG Gost and his latest effort on Dusty Platter available around May 25th. Hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia and a member of the well respected ‘Hain Teny’ collective, we are pleased to serve this international slice of vinyl up this morning. On his debut record, he recruits an all star line up of spitters to compliment his dope production. Featuring G-Force, Tableek, Jack Jones aka Audessey, Cadence and more, this LP is a keeper. If you are a fan of boom bap, jazzy influenced beats, than this is for you. Chock full of jazz and original hip hop samples, it’s easy on the ears. Tracks like “Hip Hop” and “That’s What’s Up” carry the heavy torch that’s been passed for decades from the Bronx, it’s light reaching far away places such as Gost’s Serbia. This torch burns ever bright on this effort, and a side like “Diggin’ In The Crates” hits close to home for us here at FMF. We know the struggle, the diggin’ never ends. In fact, this record is anything but a struggle to get through. We dig this record from start to finish. It is like a good mix tape. Before you know it, it’s over, and you’re pressing play again on your JVC boombox. For us, Gost’s choice of samples (mainly jazzy horns, pianos, etc.) sit together perfectly with hard hitting, crunchy drums. We’d love to hear an all instrumental version of this record at some point. Something you could easily spin in a set, work doubles to, or just listen to in your whip as you drive around what ever city you live in. The production is top notch. One track we are feeling on is the “Art and Fun” featuring MC Seek. We can listen to that horn stab all damn day. In addition, there are also two remixes of “Dream Chaser” remixed for your pleasure by Dirty Hairy and Slone. Both are straight fire, reminiscent of mid 90’s NYC hip hop 12″s that stuffed our flight cases for weekend gigs to get ’em head nodding. All in all, this jazz influenced effort from MG Gost is one of the best we have heard this year as far as hip hop goes. The word of hip hop is alive and well in this world, this record is living proof. Check out snippets from the record below.

Pre-Order the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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