Jungle Fire: Live on NPR’s World Cafe

Jungle Fire  Live On NPRIt’s no secret that we have rode hard for the band Jungle Fire here at Flea Market Funk. From their early singles on the Colemine label to their full length Tropicoso on Nacional, we have been there all the way. In our ears we heard greatness, and we are pleased that this band is making waves on stages, vinyl, and radio through out the world. One of their stops was NPR’s World Cafe to perform live on air and get interviewed by host David Dye. Film maker Matt Bardocz documented the whole event and has brought it to light to the masses.  Bardocz does a bang up job documenting their trip over to NPR and giving you an inside look at what goes on the show you have heard (or maybe you haven’t) before. We love his style here at FMF and hope you do too. In fact, Bardocz and Jungle Fire are a great pair.  Looking forward to more projects from the film maker and the bands he works with (Jungle Fire, Orgone).  For now, get your Jungle Fire on midweek and get up and dance a little. It’s good for you.

More of Matt Bardocz’s work  here.

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