Nik Weston Presents Sharon Revoal/Swan Silvertones

CS560576-01A-BIGThis is just what we are looking for on a Wednesday here at FleaMarket Funk. Nik Weston has been digging deep once again, and lovers of soulful funk and gospel soul will rejoice with the newest 7″ slab of niceness from Mukatsuku Records. Each side is a banger in its own right. The first, Sharon Revoal’s “Reaching For Our Star” is a soul monster. With an extremely infectious bass line and sultry vocals, Shirley Bassey would be proud. Revoal does her best to get the boys hot and heavy on this track, and a subtle disco sound should get people up and moving. This is a definite keeper. The original, released in 1980 on Forte goes for upwards of $300 and is tough to come by. Fortunately, Nik’s done some of the heavy lifting for us and helped bring this beautiful track to light on this 45. The flip is gospel soul gold. The Swan Silvertones “If You Believe Your God Is Dead (Try Mine)” is a funky gospel soul at its finest. With heavy drums and great harmonizing, this Carolina soul banger is a dance floor filler for sure. The chorus of “He’s Still Aliiiiiive” is badass. Who says gospel music can’t be a little funky? We dig this double shot from Mukatsuku for sure. This record label consistently releases a wide variety of records: from african funk to upbeat soul to deep funk and beyond, if you’re looking for some great music, Nik Weston always comes through.

Take a listen to the tracks here.

Buy the record from Juno here.

Keep Diggin’!

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