Damu The Fudgemunk: Public Assembly Volume 2

DTF PA Vol2 CoverA year after the talented producer dropped Public Assembly Volume 1, Damu The Fudgemunk laces the listeners with Public Assembly Volume 2, his first release of 2015 on powerhouse indie Redefinition Records. This LP the pieces of Damu’s career puzzle together with highly sought after rarities, fan favorites, archived demos, and unreleased compositions. To long time fans, some of these tracks will not be a revelation, but to a newer audience, it’s a funky introduction on how nice he is and an introductory listen into his very large catalog. This record is a blueprint to delving deeper into the music of Damu The Fudgemunk. There is a lot to take in, and as more tracks are unearthed and put on wax, you get a deeper understanding on just how dope he is. If you dug the first volume, you will no doubt enjoy Public Assembly Volume 2. These instrumentals are made to be listened to, not cut up or rhymed over. When it’s needed, Damu can handle the spitting over his rhymes just fine. Let’s dissect this volume of bangers track by track, shall we?

From the jump off, “Coffee Run” sets the pace with those drums and signature style we have all grown to love while the “Time Leak” remix instrumental track is on some Dorothy Ashby meets Steve Miller in the land of the boom bap holding hands with Milt Jackson. Intricate but simple at the same time. Tracks like “Detour” from 2006 knock like the taxman and almost 10 years later can stand up to any beats dropping today. For those of you who are kicking yourself (like us) for not getting your hands on the original “Brooklyn Flower” 45, here’s your chance to get the extended, alternate version that contains a wide array of finely crafted samples and drum beats to get your head nodding. Speaking of drums, Damu knows how to make them bang. Want proof? How about “Side Track”, again from ’06. Cot damn they hit, and the subtle guitar sample just moves those drums more to the front. There are so many good tracks on this record, just pick one. “DC Joint” from 2010 is a drum explosion. Cymbals for everyone with some funk samples thrown in for good measure. The man’s crates are deep, and if you enjoy getting your hands dusty, you can appreciate this one. The next track, “Al Green”, well just take a listen and you’ll get it. Again, hard drums. Think hard like petrified wood. The golden age is alive and well with “Wonka Beat 1”, and the horn stab is calling you to just turn it up louder. Pick your favorite hip hop legend and he could spit over this if Damu wanted. “When The Winter Comes” is The Carl Stalling Project meets some Stax vaults and is another side we have on repeat. Proper drums and great sample choice make this one our favorite on the release. “Prosper”, an OG Mono Basement demo feels like it should have been released on a Shadow Records compilation next to DJ Krush back in the day. A laid back, jazzy feel that sets a pleasant tone from the first beat. The last two tracks, “Day By Day” and the bonus vocal track for “Faster Rhyme For Self” round out this record lovely. Day is an airy walk through the DC streets while Faster Rhyme is a bonus vocal track (that originally is one of our fave Damu joints) that goes right in line with fast rap like “Set It Off” or “The Creator”. They definitely don’t make ’em like that any more.

DTF PA2 Vinyl Shot

All in all, this record showcases a variety of tracks that not only show the ingenuity of the artist, but give a taste of his massive vault of tunes. We’re hoping there are a lot more we can discover, but for now, these dozen will hold us over until the next time. Redefinition Records hits it out of the park once again with this collection from Damu. Available in gold or black vinyl, cd, or digital download formats. Don’t sleep on this one! Check out the record below:

Order Public Assembly 2 here, and use this code FMF10 at checkout to get 10% off of anything in the ReDef online store.

Keep Diggin’!

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