Kamasi Washington – Re Run Home

maxresdefaultNot in a long time have we been this excited about a new jazz release. We swooned over Gregory Porter live and in the studio, but this 3 volume, 172 minute release from bandleader, composer, saxophone player, and jazz giant Kamasi Washington entitled The Epic is a monster. This release includes a 20 person choir, 32 piece orchestra, and a score composed by Washington. Let’s not leave out the ten piece band that is playing underneath all this. All regarded as some of the best young jazz talent on Earth (yes we said it), the group of players features two drummers (Ronald Bruner, Jr./ Tony Austin), two bassists (Miles Mosely/ Thundercat), pianist Cameron Graves, keyboard player Brandon Coleman, vocalist Patrice Quinn, and trombonist Ryan Porter. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, South Central to be exact, these musicians referred to as The Next Step or The West Coast Get Down have been playing together since they were teens. Maybe some of you are saying: “Why be so excited about new jazz. That’s your dad’s music.” Come on son, we know that there are some really great jazz records out there, and you do too. You just have to search. This is one of them. This group of talented cats that will most likely shake it up in the jazz world, and perhaps bring jazz back to its essence. The essence of a super tight knit group that can lay down some meaningful tracks. Deep, spiritual, and powerful jazz with a message for you to discover. Mark our words, this record will go down as one of the greats in years to come, and a shift from the old to the new. Not a boastful shift, but a confident, respectful shift of players who will take jazz to another level, worldly or not. This is the type of jazz that gives you that outer body experience, and if they come to your town you better lock down a ticket for damn sure. Until then, you’ve got some time to memorize all the notes on this gem. From the first drop we heard of this player and the talk of this spectacular record, we have been waiting. The waiting is over now, and here’s a sample of it below.

Check out more info on Washington here.

Here’s the Kamasi Washington Dectet Live from 2012. Dig.

Keep Diggin’!

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