Whatitdo – Peanut Butta

11350613_10155555966830361_2899237306217972708_nWhat we love about this lo-fi slice of goodness from Reno, Nevada based funk outfit Whatitdo is that number one, it’s funky, and number two, it’s funky. What’s not to love in a track that combines some hard hitting drums and funky keys of all kinds? This trio is bringing their ‘Multidimensional West Coast Funk’ to the masses with this single “Peanut Butta”. The first of many sides (we hope) from their forthcoming full length Shit’s Dope!, PB doesn’t need an -er at the end, just an a, because it’s smooth as hell. We’re not talking no frills store brand here. This is top shelf Jif, Peter Pan, or Skippy brand. We won’t even say the organic stuff, because although it’s generally more expensive, let’s be honest, it’s not smoother. It’s chinky and the oil coagulates on the top, then your spoon gets stuck in chunks. This featured track however, is smooth, and doesn’t get stuck. Falling in between some Headhunters and Lunar Funk 45s, the tune weaves in and out of funky soul with tinges of jazz infused funk throughout. It’s what we love in a side here, lo-fi as hell with that experimental, bedroom feel that gets its point across straight away. That’s what the fellas in Whatitdo accomplish. You get the point. They are here to funk your world for the duration. From the first drop we dug this track, and as it chugs along and you move at your desk or wherever this side hits you, you will too. Easily on par with new funk and soul releases, we would like to see this on vinyl and in our record box. If this is an indication on how the full length record will be, take our money now.

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