Vibrations Of Sound

maxresdefault (1)With so much music coming from every direction these days, we are constantly turned on to music every day. We miss things, and although we are bummed we did, a good feeling can come right back when a band like Vibrations Of Sound turns up in your inbox. An eight piece Psychedelic/Latin/Soul/ Funk band based out of London, their unique sound and vibe immediately had my ears perking up for more. As soon as the needle dropped on their single “Clunky”, I got transported back in time when I was in a major label band close to 15 years ago. There was a band called Louque, and their record So Long was next to ours on the roster and in the records stores. It was shelved just as quick as we were, but for all of these years after, it has remained in constant rotation in my studio as well as in live gigs. Folky with hip hop beats, it appealed to me instantly. Vibrations of Sound appeals to me instantly as well. Experimental, soulful, and funky, V.O.S. not only evokes good memories, but keeps me optimistic that good music is indeed alive and well. It’s what I’ve had to do all my life, dig deeper to find it. “Clunky” is the perfect feel good, chill out track to get your mind on a path to happiness. They say music curs the soul, and this is a shining example. The soulful “Maybe Tomorrow” moves along lovely, vocalist Al Robinson crushing it and then fading away into the abyss as horns take you the rest of the way on your journey. “Make Some Space”, which is the flip of “Clunky” is an upbeat, dance floor jazz track that I’m surprised hasn’t made it onto Gilles Peterson Worldwide. With Latin elements and a grip of percussion, Robinson’s voice is the most full of emotion out of the three, and as the horns and percussion rise, he is right on point. The many elements of this band make them an interesting listen, and while we were sorry to have missed them in their first go around, we’re happy pull them into the Flea Market Funk family. Better late than never. Check out the tracks below, and pick up their single on B-Label Records.

Get the “Clunky” 45 here.

Keep Diggin’!

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