dead prez – Let’s Get Free from Get On Down

DeadPrezBThe cats at Get On Down are at it again, and this time they’re giving one of the top five political hip hop records of all time another spin. A certified Get On Down Classic, this 2 LP plus a 22″ x 22″ poster package will open the door to new fans and old heads alike. In 2000, when puffy, shiny suits, waving your Rollie side to side, and producers singing on your record were popular, dead prez stomped in with their big black boots with Let’s Get Free. Following in the footsteps of The Last Poets, Watts Prophets, and political hip hop godfathers like KRS-One, Public Enemy, and The Coup, dead prez were not rapping about money, cars, and women, but preaching a healthy lifestyle, Black Nationalism, and Pan-Africanism in their rhymes. A conscious effort that was well before its time.


With socially aware singles like “Hip Hop”, “Mind sex”, and “I’m An African”, the record went even deeper with album cuts like “Wolves” “We Want Freedom” “They Schools” “Propaganda”, and one of our faves “Be Healthy”. dead prez were talking about realness, not some fake lifestyle. They believed what they were preaching and they were living it. Like we said, ahead of its time 15 years ago, but standing the test of time today. Production by Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian and Hedrush, the Loud Records release was praised by everyone from The Source to CMJ to Rolling Stone and beyond. Critically acclaimed, if you didn’t catch this the first time, Get On Down has you covered. An essential early 2000’s hip hop record for your crates, dead prez can help get you free. Free from bad music, and that’s a fact.

Get the record here.

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