Primemundo: Dub City

PrimemundoNYCPrimemundo improvising on the bar at Fat Buddah NYC some years ago

Photo Courtesy Lou Bluewater

It’s Friday, and there is no shortage of good music or mixes popping around, but two I wanted to highlight are by my old DJ cohort Primemundo. A great digging partner who has an uncanny knack for finding really dope records on the regular (and a guy I would open a record store with in a heartbeat), his collection goes D-E-E-P. From crazy funk 45s to rare prog LPs to heavy soul and more, Primemundo is a DJs DJ and collector’s collector. One genre he has lead the way in for many years is reggae. Dude was hanging out in West Philly as a 15 year old and going to see Leroy Smart, that’s how into reggae he is. I don’t know many 10th graders that are risking getting their ass kicked for reggae music, but PM did, and he has been a supporter of fine music out of JA since then. I can remember being in remote Hawaii with him and finding a shop that had a huge selection of reggae. He guided me on some Lee Perry stuff that I still have today. When we dig, we are glad to see the other guy get a nice find, and happy to teach each other about music we don’t know of. That’s the way it should be, and in the 20+ years we have known each other, it’s always been that way. Besides the music knowledge, dude is a master chef, and if you’re ever at the Jersey Shore, make sure to get into The Black Whale, where you will not only hear good music but eat some gourmet seafood and such while drinking the finest beer around. Glad to be in this dude’s presence, and have learned a lot from him throughout the years. Always happy to share his knowledge, he passes on great music through many of his mixes. No track listing until you listen, so make sure you have a pen and paper because he’s spitting hot fire pon de turntables. Respect!

Here are two new reggae mixes: Dub City: Cheech and Chong.

Follow Primemundo on mixcloud for more tasty treats.

Keep Diggin’!


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