DJ Wax Gift Rap Mix 01

DJ Wax OnFor the launch of the eclectic Gift Rap UK site, DJ Wax On has put together a special mix for the occasion. Gift Rap UK, a boutique online site started in 2014 combines original hip hop products with skate influenced products and offers up a variety of unique finds for the refined hip hop head. From bespoke hip hop album plush pillows to tee shirts to mp3s, Gift Rap UK is definitely on the rise. We especially like the Check Your Head pillow as well as the Slick Rick tee. A nice addition to the FMF collection for sure. So while you browse the shop, hit play on DJ Wax On’s 90’s hip hop mix that features some dope boom bap tracks to make your head nod. From classics to the not so well known, this mix will get you saying “hey!” and then maybe “ho!” at least one time. So kick off your weekend with some golden age nuggets courtesy of Gift Rap Uk and DJ Wax On. Tell ’em FleaMarket Funk sent ya!

Check out Gift Rap here.

More mixes from DJ Wax On here.

Keep Diggin’!

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