Jukebox Series: 10 Hip-Hop Classics on 45 For The First Time

unnamed (1)I only know one person who has a jukebox in his house. That would be DJ Andy Smith. Andy has filled his up with a variety of 7 inch bangers that range from Northern Soul to rocksteady and more. I’m sure he, along with a whole bunch of other people will be excited that Get On Down has just released their Jukebox Series. 10 hip hop classics that are on 45 for the first time, the premiere preservation label has outdone themselves once again. If you thought The Purple Tape with the case was dope, get ready to fill up your 45 collection with ten seven inches of hip hop goodness that were never on this format. Each one of these 90’s bangers will be shrunk down to a 45 and features the original 12″ artwork.

“The theme is pretty basic: classic hip-hop 12-inches that were never released on 45. There is also a shared aesthetic in that we felt that the choices we made were DJ favorites. Not necessarily radio hits, but songs that true hip-hop DJs around the world connect with. And regarding the sonics on these releases, all the audio was sourced from the master tapes of the original singles.”- Matt Welch, Get On Down

If you purchase the inaugural Get On Down Jukebox Binder Bundle, you’ll get all of the below 7 inch records on limited edition color vinyl, plus an embossed Get On Down Jukebox 45s binder. This binder houses 10 seven inches in total, which will be the amount of 45s in this series that will be released by end of 2015. These records can also be bought individually (they will be black vinyl), and will be offered on the second Friday of each month. Sort of like a limited 45 of the month club for hip hop heads. This is a great idea, seeing hip hop 45s are hot for collectors right now. Get On Down always does it right, so this series is just what collectors are looking for.

Here’s what will be included in the first offering (bundle or individually purchased):

Raekwon “Criminology” b/w “Glaciers of Ice”
[20 years old this year]

Mobb Deep “Shook Ones” (Pt.1 / Pt. 2)
[Commercial version of “Pt. II” is 20 years old this year]

M.O.P. “Ante Up” b/w “Ante Up Remix [with Busta Rhymes, Teflon and Remy Martin]”
[Original version is 15 years old this year, Remix was 2001]

Ghostface Killah “Camay” b/w “Daytona 500”

These have never been offered on 45 before, so we think that this is a pretty good deal for those of you who are fans of hip hop as well as the little records with the big holes. As always, Get On Down raises the bizzar higher and higher with each limited edition release. They have already been killing it with some of the other 45 releases (Cypress Hill, Jurassic 5, The Arsonists, The Clipse, and WildStyle Breakbeats), so this series is sure to tug on your vinyl heart strings no doubt. If you blink, this series will be gone, so don’t sleep!


Order the bundle here.

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