Floating Record Vertical Player

Floating VinylNot a new concept by any means, but a conversation piece by collectors of all kinds this week, the Floating Record Vertical player by Gramovox is quite interesting. This high performance turntable is a streamlined, cleanly designed version of ones in the past. Rather than having to hook it up to a component system or amp, this turntable plays your records vertically through built-in, dynamic, full-range stereo speakers, or if you choose added RCA outputs. Audiophiles and design heads in mind, this visually pleasing turntable takes up less space, requires less added on eqipment, and to be honest, is beautiful to look at. Re-imagining the player as a piece of art as well as a turntable, this unique piece of equipment has raised more than three times its original goal with more than a month left. It’s not just pretty to look at, included are two full-range Tymphany 2” neodymium speakers driven by a 15w per channel digital amp as well as a perfectly balanced carbon fiber tone arm, and a The Audio Technica AT95E catridge. It’s belt driven, and has the capability of playing 33s or 45s with a flick of the belt.

back of vertical player

Here are the detailed specifications:

-Walnut or Maple Wood Base
-Fully-adjustable Carbon-Fiber Tone-Arm w/ dynamically set tracking force
AT95E Audio-Technica Dual Magnet Cartridge with Elliptical Diamond Stylus
-2” Neodymium Full-Range Stereo Speakers
-Built in phono stage with RIAA equalization curve
-Onboard 2x15W Stereo Audio Amplifier, Tripath TA2024 Class-D / Class-T architecture
-Manual Belt-Drive System (33 1/3 or 45 RPM)
-DC Stepper motor with super high precision motor control circuit
-Low resonance, high mass, acrylic Plinth and Platter
-RCA Line Out
-Headphone Jack
-Universal AC to DC power supply compatible with US standard 60 Hz, 110/120 VAC or European standard 50 Hz, 220/240 VAC (Snap-in power plugs are included for operation in countries around the world)
-17” Wide x 10” Deep x 16” Tall
-13 lbs.
-Vibration Damping Feet


We do admit, this is a good looking turntable, and without hearing it, it seems to be audiophile quality. Great for playing long players for sure, but not so sure I’d want to put a 2K seven inch on it, even clamped (just our personal opinion). That being said, the thing is a work of art, and the backers have spoken. This thing is a hit. Aesthetically pleasing, and a great new take on an old product, the Gramovox turntable combines the best in design with audiophile qualities to give you one unique piece to not only play your records, but to turn heads in your abode by doing it. Art vs. design, or the best of both worlds? Check out the video and you decide.

To check out more of the Gramovox Vertical Player and back this project, go here.

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