AM & Shawn Lee – Outlines

AM & Shawn Lee OutlinesWe’ve been fans of Shawn Lee for quite a while. Whether it’s the Ping Pong Orchestra, his work finishing KPM library music, his radio show, or his crazy work ethic, the London based Mr. Lee is one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists out there. His partner in crime on this record, AM, has toured with Charlotte Gainsbourg as well as Air. Combine these talented cats, their shared love of obscure soul and library music (where AM has a night in LA that is library music themed), and their obvious love of a good beat, and it’s a sound that stands out in the sea of mediocrity the music industry can throw at us at any time. That’s unless you open your ears and eyes to dig and find these two transatlantic partners moving forward with their projects in the present, but digging into a part of music’s past that most people have never heard of.

The first single, “Persuasion” is synthesizer madness with a back beat most bands would kill for. This thing sounds like it was recorded in the early 70’s straight to tape, not as a new release. I’d expect this sound from something I picked up in the sound bed section of my local record shop, not recorded in 2015. It’s really a dope introduction to the entire record, which is atmospheric, moody, and contains many delightful pieces for your aural pleasure. The vintage, electronic feels, paired with elements of pop, soul, and funk make this record a hit. The vocals remind me at times of Erlend Øye’s Whitest Boy Alive project, and at other times the back tracks could be a long lost sides from Premieres Symptoms. Easily a soundtrack from a movie, or some French underground tv show, Outlines as a whole is a unique project. It’s light and airy, but yet oh so funky. For those who are deep into library music or soundtracks, it’s got all the right elements. It’s electronic, but yet oh so soulful at the same time. Well done lads. This first single is a proper introduction to the big picture of AM & Shawn Lee. A picture that paints with a funky brush, but delicate and mellow enough to appease even the most discerning ear. Check out the single below:

Stream the entire record NOW:

Buy the deluxe record pack here, which includes T-Shirt & Limited Edition clear vinyl, cd, and cassette.

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  1. From which original did they use the cover art design. I know its something (maybe) from the library catalogues, but I cant remember exactly. UK rapper Melanin 9 used it for his last 12″ Amulets as well.

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