FleaMarket Funk LIVE! @Soulelujah 6.27.15

SLLJ TD 1This past weekend we had the distinct pleasure as a guest at the Boston area’s number one dance party Soulelujah. The label fits, and even some Spring rain did not keep the soul dancers away. The weekend started out strong, as we got some great tacos and hit up In Your Ear for some digging. Reid runs a great store, a staple in the Boston record scene, and I was able to find a couple of wants on my list. In fact, Sean from SLLJ grabbed a long time want, and our man in Boston Brian Coleman cleaned up on some hip hop 12″s. FMF highly recommends this record shop if you’re in the area.Soul 15 We followed up the digging by a quick tour of the city, with some relaxing time in the Public Gardens, a cruise by Fenway Park, as well as some Boston area staple seafood, before heading out to the venue. Boston’s a college town, so the crew at Soulelujah are constantly recapturing an audience as students come and go. However, their core audience of soul appreciators and dancers are always there, and this night was no different. Vinyl Vets BostonSean warmed up the crowd with some soul gold, and by the time we hit the decks the crowd had already been dancing for an hour and a half and were ready for more. From our first needle drop, the enthusiastic crowd danced to our brand of funky soul, Northern, latin, deep funk, and assorted funkyness for our two hour set. With the exception of some skinhead girl who was yelling “REGGAE! REGGAE! REGGAE!” while holding two tall boys of PBR, the crowd was into it. When we dropped The Pioneers 45, she and her posse were no where to be found, so she returned to try and strong arm the DJ. When I wouldn’t play the only reggae soul record I brought again, she had no choice to dance to something else. All in all, a great night in Boston, and we are looking forward to hitting the party again in the future. Thanks to Sean Quinn and the Soulelujah crew, Brian Coleman, and to Thomas Draudt for the live photos from the party. Below is our set in its entirety.

Keep Diggin’!

One response to “FleaMarket Funk LIVE! @Soulelujah 6.27.15

  1. Wow! What an amazing 2 hour set Jamison! So Groovy! Just out of this Funky, Soulful World! Beautiful selections brother. Thanks!!

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