Kutiman – Space Cassava

Kutiman CoverWe have been a fan of Kutiman for close to 10 years. His infectious “No Groove Where I Come From” is still a staple in our live sets. So when this single came jogging along, our ears perked up to say the least. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this musical wizard from Israel, this critically acclaimed musician, composer, producer, and video artist has been making people happy with his music for more than a minute. Hot off of the heels of his video YouTube sensation “Thru YOU”, he’s released his long-awaited deep jazz/ funk, limited edition, mini LP Space Cassava. This organic, soulful, and funky release will be the first on Kutiman’s new label Siyal, which will serve s a home base for the artist. His highly anticipated sophomore album 6AM will officially launch in October on the label as well. As for Space Cassava, it’s a two track EP, that showcases Kutiman’s modern take on free jazz. The single “Cheeta Guava” is an 11 minute plus opus of funk, jazz, and soul that has no boundaries. With a nod to afro beat, the horns and organ take you on a journey through dance floor riddims, spacey vibes, african funky drummers, and boss flute that freely flows close to a dozen minutes. Free to form the beat he wants, Kutiman does not disappoint on this record at all. This 12″ is limited to 300 vinyl copies, with a full color jacket honoring the fathers of spiritual jazz designed by Kutiman himself. Always an innovator, never an imitator, Kutiman continues to push his art forward and we are all here to watch and listen to it happen. Check the track below:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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