Wax Rax 45 Adapters

Wax Rax 45 AdapterFor those of you who play 45s on the regular, you need a good adapter. While the light plastic cones work, they slip a bit and aren’t very sturdy. There are a few other companies that make adapters we are looking forward to trying out such as the Lugnut brand wood jammies that looks butter smooth, so stay tuned for that review in the future. In the past we’ve gone through some of the color cones from places like Turntable Lab, and while they tend to do the job, we were always looking for something else. We haven’t traveled to Japan, where our fam Skeme Richards and others got a die cut adapter in the shape of 45 either. However, we think we have found a pair the best 45 adapters we’ve ever used right here in the States.
45 Wax Rax 4 Adapt
Made by the good people at Wax Rax, the company that brought you bespoke vinyl record shelves, they now bring a product every 45 DJ has been looking for: sturdy yet light 45 adapters. The adapters themselves are CNC machined from solid aluminum to RIAA specs with a gold anodized finish. They are also a bit higher, so your 7″ slides on it and stays on it every time. It’s something we have always wanted in an adapter, sturdy enough, but light in your bag. We’ve personally used these over the past few weeks and the results were fantastic. These are our favorite adapters out there, hands down. We are happy that Dave has branched out at Wax Rax, and we definitely encourage all you 45 slingers and collectors to grab a few. While they are not on the cheap side, the upside of this is that you’ll never have to get another pair again. Good product that lasts is worth every penny. At the moment, they are only shipping to the US, and it’s FREE. Hopefully they will be available internationally soon. Thumbs up on this product, we fully back these new adapters.

Check out more info on the Wax Rax adapters here.

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