Skeme Richards – Shifting Gears: Rare Breaks and Samples At 45 RPM

11703158_10152829167097024_2908736049097247577_nThere are mix tapes, and then there are mix tapes. While everyone has been “diggin’ in the tapes” lately, one of the originators, our homie Skeme Richards from The Rocksteady Crew has kept it real since the ’80’s. He teams up with Record Breakin’ Music to deliver a limited edition genuine cassette mix tape of vinyl bangers for your listening pleasure. He didn’t get a bunch of digital files and meticulously patch them together for seemless blends via a computer. He did, however, take a stack of 45s, a mixer, two turntables and went to town. Recorded straight into a Fostex four track recorder he has owned since 1986, this is analog heaven. This is how it used to be, and how it continues to be when The Nostalgia King is on the scene. Dig on the warmth of the vinyl and the hiss of the tape as Shifting Gears: Rare Breaks and Samples At 45 RPM goes full circle and brings back the coveted mix tape we all bowed down to coming up. Many people do cassettes, but few do them like Skeme Richards can. He’s taking it back to the essence, when guys like Muro, Soulman, Mr. Thing, and others were diggin’ deep in the crates. A welcome edition to your collection for sure. Limited production to 200, yes we said 200 worldwide, get your orders in before they are gone. Another home run like Gary Maddox plowing one out of The Vet.

Pre-Order Shifting Gears: Rare Breaks and Samples At 45 RPM, available July 21st here.

Keep Diggin’!

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