Mr. Bongo Africa 45s 1 & 2

MoussaMB-SambaIn this round of international 45s, Mr. Bongo goes back to Africa with a pair of scorchers to light up the dance floor any time. For the first in the series, he goes back to a track he first discovered digging back in the ’90s, Amazones de Guinee “Samba”. A live cut that many strayed away from (except Gilles Peterson and others), this is not necessarily a rare side, but a funky side that many have not had the pleasure of hearing. A perfect introduction to the series. The flip, Moussa Dumbia’s ‘Samba” is a track taken off of the famous Sacodis label, and is most definitely for the funky dancers. Dumbia’s saxophone lights it up on this track no doubt. MB-KeleynaThe second 45 features Moussa again, but this time in full James Brown mode. ‘Keleya” definitely does not disappoint and The Godfather is definitely present in spirit on this one. The track was originally released in 1977 on Pathe, and on 7” by Ivory Coast label SID in 1974. The original of this record is not only rare, but quite pricey as well. The flip is from the Sacodisc label too. It’s Amadou Balake with “Super Bar Konon Mousso”. With many different influences on this one, listen close and you will hear afro funk, salsa, and Balake exploring Afro Latin rhythms throughout. His time in the US during the 70’s influenced his music greatly, and it’s heard on this side. We love what Mr. Bongo is putting out, and these African 45s are really just icing on the cake of the series. If you’ve been following FMF and reading about the Latin and Brazil series, you will understand how important this Afica series is. A lot of people will be hearing these tracks for the very first time globally, which is amazing in itself. Not only is Mr. Bongo feeding these to the world wide network of DJs, he’s also historically preserving this music, some which may never have been heard. We dig that. Well done again lads. Hear each of the tracks below.

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Keep Diggin’!

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