Dan Lish’s Ego Strip

Dj.Premier_Master-LithoLots of cool artists today who illustrate the hip hop way of life. From legends like Joe Buck, who we will be featuring on the site shortly, to artists like Ed Piskor and Dan Lish, their talent is undeniable. British artist Daniel Lish’s latest series entitled “Ego Strip” features hip hop notables and their influences. Artists such as De La Soul, Pete Rock, Public Enemy, and others sit along side influencers Kraftwerk James Brown, and more.


We think that his illustration is really fresh, and he’s immortalized a wide variety of legends in his work. But that’s not all, he has these bad boys for sale, which you can purchase from the link at the bottom of this article. If you follow him on social media, you can also see the progress of works in the series go from start to finish. We are currently digging his twitter feed where he recently posted a color version Herbie Hancock illustration that features Grandmixer DST during the “Rockit” period. He’s also got a dope instagram as well.


Fine artists, graphic novelist, doodler, and creator of original hip hop art (and more!), Dan Lish definitely is a talented cat. We look forward to following his progress of each piece through his social media and so should you. Hip Hop and its extended influences lives on and on through his work. Well done.

Check out Dan Lish art here.

Like him on facebook.

Buy Dan Lish Prints here.

Keep Diggin’!

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