Blu – Illest In Charge (Def Dee Remix)

RDF074_Front_Blu Def DeeOnce again FMF teams up with Redefinition Records to premiere a track. This time it’s the Def Dee Remix of Blu’s “Illest In Charge”. From the upcoming D-1000 LP, available August 21st on ReDefinition, this track is something to break the hot summer days up and get your head nodding. The Seattle beatsmith Def Dee, who’s collaboed with everyone from Roc Marciano to The Artifacts to Black Milk and more, is back with a fresh beat for your ear holes. Here’s what he had to say about the remix:

“When redef asked me to do a Blu Remix, I was very excited to say the least. With Blu being one of my favorite mc’s out right now, it was vital that I brought something fresh to the table. I listened to the original that version that Klaus Layer produced multiple times, and needless to say, it was definitely a hard act to follow. With my remix, I wanted to bring more of a cypher vibe to it. A beat where Blu sounded like he was attacking the beat, where the beat and Blu felt like a boxing match. Really going at each other. Both tracks are dope in their own right and you can bump either depending on your mood, yet they stand alone from one another. That’s how I feel a remix should be done. Not taking away from the original, but adding a new take on Blu’s delivery. You got a Klaus joint and a Def Dee joint, both dope in their own right, yet two totally different songs.”

For us, Def Dee’s remix of this track brings us back to the essence of two records, a microphone, and the emcee. The beat itself has the that boom bap feel you can get down with. It’s like “Call Me D-Nice” on steroids with no psych organ sample and an updated mantra. Rather than being the youngest in charge, the combination of Blu and Def Dee are the illest. No disrespect Special Ed, you are still classic, but this is 2015 and this is how they get down. Here are the sounds that will keep ’em coming back to the Redef camp for summers to come. On a whole, this track is exactly how we want to hear our hip hop. Straight to the point with great spitting over a neck breaking beat, you’ll be playing this more than once. Actually, just put it on repeat. Don’t miss that fat bass line at the end which is an added bonus. Another ReDef sure shot.

Pre-Order the very limited edition record (300 units) here.

Keep Diggin’!


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