Sacred Crates – Lucid Skemes

Sacred CratesComing out of the dusty yard sales, swap meets, stoop sales, and thrift shops is a cat called Sacred Crates. Armed with an SP202, some synthesizers, and a grip of dollar bin finds comes the creation Lucid Skemes. Part beat tape, part psychedelic synth journey, and part sampledelic funk show, this thirteen track album is great on so many levels. It’s like combining early Shadow Records beats with the creative sampling of DJ Frane and Wall of Sound output all rolled up into one. The beats definitely bang, and with layers of atmospheric keyboard stabs, we’re hooked on this ou from left field production. It just showed up one day. No info, no one sheet, no bio. Like a newborn dropped off at the hospital door, Sacred Crates just a[ppeared. And just like that, he was gone. Not without leaving a small trace of his existence with Lucid Skemes. Like a Clutchy Hopkins EP that just appears, Sacred Crates dug deep in his stash to make this something to talk about. We definitely applaud the DIY attitude and approach to making this record and hope you do too. Stream the full length below.

Get Lucid Skemes here.

More beats from Sacred Crates here.

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One response to “Sacred Crates – Lucid Skemes

  1. Wow!? Great stuffunk Jamison,..thanks for the heads up on this one,..reminds me a bit of Bakini.

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