Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde: The Singles

Bizaare Ride SinglesAnother 45 Friday surprise for all of the hip hop heads out there. The lads over at Get On Down have been busy, and we mean real busy. If their hip hop jukebox 45 series wasn’t enough, they are back with more treats for your turntable. Think back to when you first heard Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde. Groundbreaking West Coast hip hop that became a classic. Over 20 years later, these tunes still hold up. Now imagine you could have all of the singles from that record on 7″? Stop imagining because you can. Get On Down does it again!
Bizaare Ride 2

Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde: The Singles has all of the singles from then debut LP. The 45s are on color vinyl, contain full color jackets, and are housed in a translucent slipcase. Songs included are: “Passin’ Me By”, “Ya Mama”, Better Or Worse”, “Otha Fish”, “Soul Flower”, plus B-Side remixes. This is just brilliant. Imagine if Get On Down starts to do this for many other hip hop classics. Check Your Head? Hard To Earn? Ready To Die? The possibilities are endless. But we are talking about The Pharcyde here, and that in itself is dope with a capital D. Get On Down again raises the bar on themselves with this set. This is a must have for all of the 45 heads and 90’s hip hop collectors out there. Now start riding on that horse, tootin’ on a flute.

Shipping early August, order this limited edition set here.

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