Erykah Badu Has Spoken

BEP-Yesterday-GrabA quick one this am. Apparently Black Eyed Peas are back with something new. While their hip pop sounds have been off of our radar for some while, they jumped back with a new single and video for the tune “Yesterday”. Filmed inside a record store and filled with classic hip hop record imagery with the Peas imposed on many of our fave hip hop Lp cover. The tune itself is filled with lyrics and hooks from said records. While we’re not fans of BEP, we thought the concept was pretty cool. An education for the new generation, because you know it will get maximum radio rotation. However, there was one person who wasn’t impressed. Erykah Bad tweeted out what she though:


Not to mention they must have paid LOOT for all of those samples! Here are both videos, what do you all think?

BEP “Yesterday”

Eryka Badu “Honey

Keep Diggin’!

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