Happy Birthday George Clinton

George ClintonWe want to wish a huge happy born day to one of the funkiest cats who ever did it: George Clinton. Have you ever forgot the feeling when you dug up a copy of Mothership Connection and your mind was blown? What about when you scored a quarter copy of “I Wanna Testify” on 45? Let’s not forget him and the RHCP funking it up. The man is a legend. Of course we were exposed to George and his many talents at an early age, so it was natural to grab up all of the records Mr. Clinton was on when we started collecting and digging. We’ve never stopped. Here’s a few of our fave videos with George in them. Enjoy them. A huge happy birthday to one of the best that ever did i,t and still continues to do it well. Let us know what your favorite George Clinton moment is, we’d love to know. Whether it’s live, a story of digging up his records, or an in person connection, we’d love to hear the stories. Standing on the verge, you dig?

Mothership Connection Live in 1976

In the studio with The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Keep Diggin’!

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