Sanders Sisters – Stone Man

Sanders Sisters 45Today we have a slice of NYC sister funk that’s been resurrected by Cannonball Records out of Italy. In fact, it’s the debut release for the label, and they’ve chosen some unreleased funk as their first release. Without much info on the artist, other than the fact they were from the Big Apple, we will take this left field heavy dance floor funk today. There are two versions on the record. Side A is the original demo copy. Raw and heavy and still effective, it’s sure to whip up any dancers into a frenzy. The flip is rearranged and tightened up a bit and will still get people moving in the right direction. Looking forward to trying to secure a copy of this choon, it’s huge! Great label graphics as well because it’s a funk bomb that just explodes on your turntable. Check out both versions below in the clip.

Pre-order this very limited record on the 45Live site here.

Shout out to DJ Greg Belson for turning us on to this funky goodness.

Keep Diggin’!

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