Professor Brian Oblivion – Big Talk

Dissertation Vol 1We’ve been a huge supporter of Professor Brian Oblivion for a minute now. His 45s released on Clockwise were the perfect blend of instrumental funk and hip hop. A balance of exciting samples and hard hitting drums that not only paid tribute to the elders, but expanded on them and made his hip hop influence known. It’s great to see an artist get better and better over time. He’s made great tracks and now has stepped into the arena with some really mind blowing projects that will define him even further as an artist. One of the Bay Area’s best, he communicates perfectly with the music masses through his records. He a full length in the works, but until that drops early September, he’s teased us with a single “Big Talk”.

“Big Talk” invokes feelings that we get from our favorite records. The pleasant and intriguing harp of Dorothy Ashby, jazz + boom bap drums of Blue Note soul jazz, and a tuba from a funky marching band. Throw in a dash of San Francisco psychedelia in for good measure and you’ve got it. PBO has a plan, and he executes it well. The plan is to put out an impressive, records that last. He’s accomplished the feat in so many of his singles, we are so pleased he has come up with a full length to match. Did we mention it’s also dope? PBO may be under the radar a bit, but not for long after this LP. Take a listen to the single and judge for yourself. Dissertation: Volume 1 comes out on Clockwise Records September 4th.

Get the track and pre-order the album here.

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