Mako & Mr. Bristow – If Stax Ain’t A Reason

Mako and MrWe always dig artists who are dredging up a past sound and using those influences to put a twist on it. That’s exactly what Mako & Mr. Bristow are doing. Reviving sounds, educating new audiences, and making them dance their asses off in the meantime. They take some classics, twist them around, and add a dash of funk, some soul, and even a little hip hop into it to get the party jumping. Their new EP Supersoul RocknRoll is ripe with beautiful music that everyone could and should get into. Out to the general public on August 7th on Break Beat Paradise records, this Bristol to London duo, who make plenty of waves solo, join forces to funk you up on vinyl. We are currently digging “If Stax Ain’t A Reason”, a fine selection from these two.

Let’s face it, any duo who are shouting out Stax Records and play with this kind of fervor are alright with us. This record brings back some of the Stax sounds we all know and love. Picture the spirits Rufus Thomas or Albert King putting it down through Mako & Mr. Bristow. They just don’t record them like this anymore, and these guys have it down. They’ve been able to channel the ghosts of Stax past and put it into their present very nicely. Already getting some shine in the UK through radio and the like, Mako & Mr. Bristow look like their on their way to some funky successes. Check out the track below as well as snippets of the Supersoul RocknRoll EP.

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