Who Doesn’t Like Free Records?

Free RecordsLA people! If you haven’t had enough of vinyl since the Tropicalia In Furs pop up store, The Record Parlour has something for you. They’re giving away free records. Yes, you heard it, free. On August 8th and 9th, it’s going down. Here are the funky details:

LOTS of VINYL LEFT from this past Weekend’s $1 SALE
5,000+ Records REMAIN and we need the SPACE by the 15th.

So….this SAT & SUN they are ALL FREE
Spend $20 on anything at The Record Parlour
And TAKE up to 100 Records FOR FREE (bring a box)

That’s IT! It’s gonna be wild so get here early – when they’re gone they’re gone.

One last thing – DJs are welcome to spin 45 min VINYL ONLY sets all day SAT. Message us for details.

The Record Parlour
6408 Selma Ave
Hollywood, CA

Up to 100 records, but please bring your own box. What a concept. There has got to be some sort of heat left, hopefully it won’t be a bunch of First Family LPs. so if you’re in LA this weekend, bring your portable, headphones, and get some vinyl. We’re loving this sale. If you go and get some heat, let us know, we’ll put your story on our social media.

Here’s a link to the event page.

Keep Diggin’ (but bring your own box)

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