Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – One In A Million

Nicole WillisSome bands and singers just have this familiar sound. You can immediately tell the Reverend Al Green, Sharon Jones, or the distinct instrumentals of the JB’s. We can say the same for both Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators. Once you hear her open her mouth with the boys backing, it could be a nursery rhyme and you’d know exactly who they were. Their unique pairing brings you back to a simpler time, a time when music grabbed your heart and didn’t let go. The two have embraced the way they can hold on to the original sound of soul like no other, and broadcast it to the world from Finland. Their relationship is not complex. They make good music. Particularly soul music. They have been doing it for quite some time. This effort is more sunshine than their previous release Tortured Soul, but that doesn’t make it any less genuine. You don’t have to live the life of Sugar Pie DeSanto to be able to make soulful music. In a modern sense, Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators have found their place on the racks with Miss Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley, and Lee Fields. They are elder statesmen of the scene as well, no doubt influencing a whole new crop of soul singers like JC Brooks and Black Diet’s Jonathan Tolliver. This record is another breakthrough for these talented musicians, who are more like a musical family than anything. The soul family reunion is back for a third time, so sit down, eat your dinner, and let Aunt Nicole give you what you came for: soul food for your ears.

She is the epitome of a soul singer. A veteran vocalist who has blazed the trail with a classic sound along with The Soul Investigators, she shines bright with this second single off of the forthcoming Happiness In Every Style due in early October. A more mature Willis contains a spark that lights the fire on this mid tempo soul stomper. The Soul Investigators do not disappoint either, as they lay proper groundwork for another future classic. We are particularly loving the horn work and consistent guitar throughout. It’s more sun than rain, and this track juts through the storm clouds like a double rainbow, proving that there is some beauty after tumult. You just have to hang in there. Check out the single below:

unnamed (5)

Pre-Order the record here.

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