Cymande To Release New Record

CymandeRemember when you first were introduced to Cymande? We can remember it like yesterday. One of our DJ buddies broke out “Bra” and “The Message” and we went nuts. We can still remember how it felt to dig up multiple copies of the first few records in the field, and to this day, we still buy them whenever we see them. When I opened up for Bad Brains, I played some Cymande. It caused Dr. No to run up to the turntables and ask: “What’s a white boy like you know about Cymande!” We took it as a compliment because he stuck around to hear the entire set and gave us his info because he wanted some “tapes”. Today, we heard some good news for all of you Cymande fans. After playing a series of shows from 2011 to the present day, they’ve decided to get back into the studio and make some new music for the first time in 40 years. The band has reunited with original producer John Schroeder to release a ten track record called A Simple Act of Faith. One can only hope that the melting pot of musicians from Jamaica, Guyana, and Saint Vincent will be hitting the road to support this new effort, and if they are, Flea market Funk will be definitely covering it. Cymande’s mix of funk, rock, African, and Caribbean grooves has been nodding heads and moving asses since 1971. Their music has been introduced to future generations through hip hop sampling, and now this new effort will expose their special brand of music to even more people. Aren’t these young bucks lucky? We’ll keep you posted on further developments. Until then, groove to one of our faves “Brothers On The Slide”

Keep Diggin’!

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