Ollie Teeba: Short Order

Short Order LP FrontOllie Teeba, DJ, digger, producer, voice over specialist (oh you didn’t know?), and soundtrack collector is at it again. His first solo effort Short Order, available at good record shops on September 14th on World Expo. It is one for the masses. You see, Ollie Teeba has been doing his thing for over twenty years, and he does his thing well. A founding member of The Herbaliser, who brought us a grip of head nodding beats, samples, and dance floor ass shakers, as well as a member of the hip hop super group SoundSci, Teeba has a keen ear for a good sample and dope drum breaks. On his debut record, he’s enlisted his Soundsci brethren (Oxygen, Audessey, UGeorge), as well as Ghettosocks, Bullet Tooth Tony, Jean Grae, More Or Les, Teenburger (Ghettosocks & Timbuktu) and EvOn the Music Bully. A project that spans 10 years, you get a great feel on what Teeba is about: real hip hop. Inspired by the boom bap, Teeba raises the bar on this nine track LP with a variety of hot, DJ friendly tracks. Making beats, live music, and digging for the right records all of his career has given born to a future classic. The record, which is as hot as a ghost pepper you got dared to eat late night at your local after too many hard ciders, hits just as hard as that heat you will feel for hours later with that damn pepper (this record won’t send you to the hospital though!). Tracks like “High Voltage” featuring More or Les make that neck snap like it should, while Oxygen’s sexy rhymes on “Eargasms” bring it back to when rap songs were real and had stories. Not just some slow, trappy, 70 bpm dribble that some dude in girl’s pants is dancing to. Jean Grae’s teaching the children on “For The Kids” in the only way she can, so pay attention or else. The grimey “Ender” featuring Bullet Tooth Tony has that rock sample that echoes Run DMC. A nod to the kings and of course classic hip hop. “Mimic” feels like a French Connection car chase, those dark samples and triangles keeping it moving like a soundtrack that has yet to featured until now. ‘S.O.S.” is a crate digger’s delight, with Teeba’s Soundsci doing what they do best, rip up a track. With additional production by The Herbaliser, Johnny Cuba and UK hip hop legend No Sleep Nigel, this is a solid effort all the way through. The artwork is done by the infamous Mr. Krum, and that’s just the cherry on top of the sundae. ollie_teeba_short_order_back_detail_three

Hear snippets from the album below:

More info on the record here.

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2 responses to “Ollie Teeba: Short Order

  1. “Short Order” is so dope, as well as every else release from Soundsci’s family.

    Witalij | U Call That Love

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