Liquid Monk – Yaga

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It’s always good to keep your ears open and be receptive to something new. As today’s musical climate changes, there are always new sounds to dig, bands to read about, and records to find. Sometimes they find you. Such is the case with Liquid Monk. Hailing from Detroit, MI, I got a short email saying: “Think Flying Lotus meets Herbie Hancock”. Two big comparisons, but it peaked my interest nonetheless. After I pushed play, I totally agreed. Their new record Yaga, is a record that doesn’t have many boundaries. Although it’s chock full of soul, jazz, funk, electronic, and jazz fusion, we can see them breaking it down to a hip hop beat and then switching it up to some electronica. They’re a versatile six pack of musicians that can also drop some space filled prog rock into the mix, Liquid Monk seems like the love what they do. Tunes like “Bethos” take you on a space shuttle ride of synthesizers, and atmospheric layers of sounds. Halfway through the drum and bass take over and the afterburners kick in. Make sure your seat belt is fastened. “Man On Fire” ups the ante with an “Amen, Brother” drum break pitched to D & B bpms, complete with vocoder and heavy fusion guitar. Another layered track that shows great talent. The best example of fusion yet, imagine if you were in the audience when Miles decided to do this, you’d freak. These days it’s more widely accepted, and you can bet these cats know their way around On The Corner. “Let Us”, the track they’ve highlighted definitely has that Herbie Hancock meets Good Looking Records feel. It’s cool though, as it took me back to LTJ Bukem at times, w/out MC Conrad shouting out over the beat. The drums weree that good. There is no denying there is funk inside these musicians, and they can lay it down hard in many ways, straight from the D. Open your mind and ears today, step aside from the grind and get into Liquid Monk’s headspace. You have to take a different trip sometimes. Let these cats be your guide. Herbie would be proud.

More on Liquid Monk here.

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