Black Feeling 3

Black Feeling Vol 3 - Various ArtistsAfter two successful compilations in the Black Feeling series, number three is back with a bang. Multi-instrumentalist and superstar musician Lance Fergueson, the man behind bands such as The Bamboos, Cookin’ On 3 Burners, and Lanu, is back with more obscure cover bands doing classic interpretations in their own way. The previous two comps gave us solid versions of “Shaft In Africa”, as well as “Hippy Skippy Moonstrut” (which garnished over a million views on YouTube), and this selection of tunes are not slacking either. This time around Fergueson takes on Dexter Wansel’s “Life On Mars”, Herb Albert’s “Rotation”, Mandingo’s “Black Rite”, as well as Cymande’s “Brothers On The Slide”. Under obscure, unheard band names like The Glen Eden Set, The Sentinels, Sonny Benton and the Typhoons, and others, Fergueson does justice to each and every one of these sides. Full of raw talent, we’d love to see any of these long players get pressed up on 45. For now, you can get the full length through Freestyle Records, available on September 25th. As well as the music, the graphic design for this cover is top notch. If you found this thing in the dollar bin, it would be like finding one of the best indie funk compilations around. Kudos to the Freestyle gang have outdone themselves on this record. Have a listen to some snippets of the tracks below:

More info on the Freestyle Records release here.

Keep Diggin’!

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