DJ Format – Kool & The Gangstarr Generation

Kool and The Gangstarr GenerationEvery once in a while you come across an artist that touches you personally. Matt Format is one of those guys. His constant, consistent output of quality music is unparalleled. From solo efforts to collaborations with guys like Phill Most Chill and Mr. Thing (among others), Format is a talented producer and great promoter of hip hop culture through his work. His latest effort, a self produced forty five of all Kool & The Gang and Kool & The Gang related hip hop samples is indeed a party record that will get the masses moving their asses. A nod to some of the greatest producers (Primo among others) and a grip of well known, diggers delight Kool & The Gang samples are laid perfectly over hard drums to keep your head nodding and neck snapping with enough room for you to go “Oh shit!”. Both sides are lessons in one of the best bands to come out of Jersey City, NJ and the hip hop elders who paid tribute to them through sampling. Artwork by the unstoppable Mr. Krum, who makes you double take at the label. Like the first time you dug up “Funky Granny” or “Raw Hamburgers” on 45, or when we finally got a copy of “Summer Madness” on Lp, we are well chuffed that DJ Format is making music like this. You should be too. Funky ass bass lines, horns, and all of the best samples from your favorite tracks are banging as Format creates dope music on plastic. Along with this record, he’s put out a 30 minute bonus mix, which is premiering here on Flea Market Funk. This time it’s even more personal for us, he’s doing a musical history of our home base, Jersey City, so that’s extra special. Well done sir. Scoop this up because this thing will be gone very fast. “Even Monty Hall can have a ball if his assets are in order.”

Check out the mix below:

Buy the record on De-ja-vu Records here.

Keep Diggin’!

3 responses to “DJ Format – Kool & The Gangstarr Generation

  1. It’s unbelievable how many hip hop break beat references this track has. Every time I listen another connection becomes clear, and he has thought hard about every one of the “clever ingredients” used in this track. Format has certainly excelled himself with this KATG tribute, just as he did with “Stealin’ James”. I’ve told him he now has to do a METERS tribute to make me happy! Let’s hope he listens.

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