Spoke Records RKM Library EP

Spoke_RKM EPWe have been fans of Spoke ever since their first 7″ way back when, and since then they have been releasing some heavy, funky stuff. This time ’round they hit you with a four track library EP of epic proportions. For the first time ever, you will be able to get your hands on some Roland Kluger Music reissued on this very special EP. Not familiar with the ‘RK’ in RKM Library music? Here’s an interview that details the whole story. There are a couple of key RK related bands you may or may not have heard of: Jean Le Fennec, Chakachas, Two Man Sound, and Andre Brasseur. These artists have had crate diggers going crazy to find these LPs out in the field. A varied lot of funky sounds, Roland Kluger was on to something. It might have not taken off like he wanted it to in the long run, but these are some rare and collectible records. We’re excited that Spoke has dedicated their time and effort to preserve such music.

Side A comes out strong with “Soul Medley” by R.Dero. Funky and a bit electronic, the synths mesh great with hard rapping drums and a subtle horn section that moves into strings and guitars. Perfectly made for some cop movie chase scene, you’ll be putting the pedal to the metal when you listen to this one. “Lonliness” by Nico Gomez and Tito Madirez is a Les Baxter influenced, tropical sunset that mellows you out nicely. The flip, Ralph Benatar’s “This Very Moment” is another upbeat cop drama track with nice drums, dramatic strings, and at any moment, you expect some dude to come sliding across the hood with a gun drawn ready for action. The EP closes out with another R.Dero track, “Danger TNT”. Lots of wah wah guitar give away to strings and deep bass as the track chugs along. This is some ‘bitch better have my money’ scene where the dude is searching all over for the robber who took the loan money and blew it at Ladbrokes. Blaxploitation sounding, this could be featured on any one of the classics, just take your pick. All in all, especially for 1980, this is some fun-kay stuff, and we’re not talking Kool & the Gang. Have a listent o all the tracks in full below.


Order the record here.

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