F Spot Records Fires On All Cylinders

F SpotLos Angeles, California record label F Spot Records is doing what they want to do. What they want to do is make good music and put it out on vinyl records. Since the label’s formation in 2014 they have successfully put out three records, all little guys with the big holes. You refer to them, if you’re in the Philadelphia area as little big things (as in the crew of that name has elevated our 7″ community to a higher awareness with that party), 7″ers, forty fives, black crack, and any other nickname you’ve given your little record friends. Named after a recording studio The Fredonia Spot in Studio City, CA, and founded by David Celia, the label is churning out records with a distinct West Coast Sound. Its first three 45s each have their own sound, but really are a sign of a bigger picture of The Left Coast. The soul, funk, and jazz from the West Coast has been synonymous with labels like Pacific Jazz and the deep funk of vocalist Roger Collins among others. F Spot’s releases even touch upon real feel soul and reggae, often synonymous with California’s DIY music attitude and experimental artists.
Universal_Topher-45-scanDomestic Bear’s “Universal Root” is some modern dub at its finest. Conjuring up the ghost of Augustus Pablo and moving forward, this is something we are keen on here at FMF. It’s authentic reggae with a sound and feel that gets into your bones. Flip it over and ” ‘Topher Nights” picks up where Universal left off. Another heavy dose of melodica and echo and we can feel the spirit of Jah moving through us as we type. Play A Fool 45 Beat Mosaic offer up a double side of sweet sister soul and feature the vocals of Erinn Monique. The band puts a twist on a Motownesque back beat on “Play A Fool” while Monique’s sweet voice brings back memories of girl groups whose lead singer broke out on their own. Take your pick. The flip, “Shape Of Your Love” is a slow soul stunner that goes deep.
The final 45 from Improject is a pair of funky jazz instrumentals that do not disappoint. ‘Ground Coffee”, with its single coffee bean on the label is a slow moving guitar filled piece with a great back beat and bass line. If you dig the Hi Society Brothers on Timmion Records, you will love this one. A mellow groove, Grant Green would be proud. To us, it just oozes a West Coast Jazz/ Canyon Rock vibe. The B side brings us the upbeat ‘Steppin’ “, a faster track with harder drums and groove.

Have a listen to both sides from all three records below.

With a good base of forty fives coming out in just a year, we look forward to seeign what F Spot Records will come up with next. Another winner in our opinion. More info about the label located in the links following.

Buy the records here.

Check F Spot Records out on the web.

Keep Diggin’!

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