The Bluebeaters – Hungry Heart b/w The Model

Bluebeaters Hungry Heart 45Ska music has a long history of doing cover tunes. Whether it was Motown or Atlantic cover songs back in the 60’s ringing out of Jamaica, or 90’s ska revival bands covering Van Halen, each song is unique. The Italian ska outfit The Bluebeaters are no different. They’ve been doing a bang up job of putting out great original and cover music for the last four records. After tackling a ska version of The Smiths “Girlfriend In A Coma”, The Bluebeaters go straight to my state, New Jersey, and grab a classic from The Boss. This is a song that was worn out on FM radio in my childhood. By the time I met him in the early 2000s at a Wanda Jackson show while his wife Patti and he shared tater tots with me over the Queen of Rockabilly’s lovely voice, I swore I had enough of Bruce Springsteen’s The River record. However, after hearing these cats cover this tune like it came out of Studio One in 1965, I’ve had a change of heart. This version is fresh, and close your eyes, you’re transported to Kingston mashing it up in the dancehall. This cover is pure fire, and even the saxophone cover would make Clarence Clemons sit up in the grave and say “rewind Selecta!”. The flip, is another unique tune, another cover. This time it’s a cover of Kraftwerk’s “The Model”. With a jump blues/ ska beat, this is the sleeper on the record. First of all, which ska band has ever covered Kraftwwerk? Well, there has been one attempt, but we feel The Bluebeaters version is better. In fact, after reading this, you may want to check out some unusual covers of this tune here. A great double sider of ska, we’re excited that this band keeps churning out the hits and future classics. Check out both of the tracks below. In fact, stream the whole record Everybody Knows as well.

The record comes out tomorrow September 25th on Record Kicks, get it here.

Keep Diggn’!

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