Paz Antiguana: Charlie Don’t Surf

CharlieDontSurfPaz Antigua_logoWe are loving this Clash cover from Paris boogaloo band Paz Antiguana. We introduced you to this talented band a while back and their tune “Surfing the Channel”. Boogaloo out of Paris? Why the hell not! We love it. This specific track is featured on a Clash and Joe Strummer tribute set Combat Cancer. Done in a style only that Paz Antiguana can, it is not only a unique take on the track, it’ll fill you full of tropical vibes for the rest of the day. Check out the video below, and feel free to pick up the compilation for a great cause.

More info on Paz Antiguana here.

Check out two remixes of their tracks by Teacher Jeckell and Hiphoppapotamus.

Keep Diggin’!

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