Nik Weston Presents Lost Soul & Funk Gems Volume 4

Lost Soul and Funk Gems Volume 4Just when you say, “hey, I need another soul banger for my record bag”, along comes Nik Weston with some proper soul to get your blood pumping and your body moving int he right direction. Lost Soul & Funk Gems Volume 4 is got what you need like Freddie Scott. Always two for the price of one, these two fast forward a bit to ’76, but hey, that’s ok. The first track is off the previously Pipeline released Don’t You Think It’s Time by Courtial with Errol Knowles. A really great soul record that would probably go overlooked by most, its resurrected by Weston. With a little bit of Gil Scott in the vocals, this thing will give your feet a bit of a workout on the dance floor for sure. It’s got some great guitar in it, something you don’t hear me say too much unless it’s got wah-wah before it. Straight up guitar that smokes. This is a bit out of left field, and a sleeper, but it can get them moving for sure. Nik knows how to pick ’em. The flip, is one record that surely doesn’t turn up too often, and if it does, you should be ready to bring your wallet with you (and make sure it’s heavy on the Franklin notes). Sounds of the City Experiences “Getting Down” is a jazz funk tsunami. This one originally on Tiger Lily and also from ’76 could easily be overlooked. (although, with the original cover I’d be screaming “get in my bag!”). Upbeat, great horns, and more back beat than a blaxploitation soundtrack cut, This side is a keeper as well. Nik really knows how to pick ’em, eh? Don’t believe our words? Check out clips below and then just start dancing in your desk chair, car seat, subway car, work desk. You get the picture.

Buy the record here.

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