The Jack Moves – Joyride

JoyrideOur favorite Jersey soul band is back with a video for their excellent soul anthem “Joyride” that collaborates with Bay Area Chicano Community group Souleros Ball Revue. Shot in the Bay Area and chock full of low riders and Chicano culture, the video follows the couple Cholo and Giggles and they cruise around in Cholo’s Pop’s ride. And what a sweet ride it is. It’s not just all about the ride or their date destination. The video gets in deep about Chicano culture and a strong sense of family and community, and that, paired with the great imagery of the Bay Area (Mission District, Hammer y Lewis clothing store, Santa Clara Fairgrounds), it’s a winner for the Jack Moves. If you haven’t picked up any of their 45s, feat not, the new record drops on October 13th.JackMovesBlue

Check the video below:

More on The Jack Moves here.

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