Polyrhythmics – Octagon Pt. 2

Polyrhythmics Octagon CoverIt’s been two years since Polyrhythmics released their Libra Stripes record. Two years of hardcore touring and getting the word to the world about this band. From festival to festival, North, South, East, and West, they laid down their signature sound that was picked up by crowds, DJs, radio stations, and more. Now they’re back with a new record, Octagon, available on Kept Records November 13th. The first single, “Ocatgon Pt. 2” is some fiery afro beat layered with psychedelic, cinematic overtones. Still packed with heavy rhythms, raw guitars, heavy bass lines, horny horns and drums for days, they’ve taken their heavy afro beat dance floor stompers and added another dimension to it. A new, psychedelic soundtrack to a movie unfolding in every city they perform in is taking place. Loaded with fuzzy guitars, this extended jam of sorts is a great new direction in sound for these talented musicians. Dropping in at over six minutes, “Octagon Pt. 2” is a stone cold groove not just for the cinema. but for dance halls and stages all over the world. With a more mature sound, Polyrhythmics step up their game on this one. Proving that the band doesn’t just get better with age, their new found psychedelic influences expand their music to other dimensions. Another indication that they will go even further this time. Check out the epic jam below, and look for the full length on Friday, November 13th pressed at the new Canada Boy vinyl plant. Superstitious or not, add this release to your ever growing want list.

More info on Polyrhythmics here.

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