The Milk – Favourite Worry

Favourite Worry - The MilkThe MilkFrom the first few seconds of the opening track “Wanderlust” off of The Milk’s second record on Wah Wah 45s, you can tell that they have been through some stuff. Perhaps life changing, but definitely experiences that have had them go back to their roots. An obvious reflection of Isaac Hayes in the mirror also casts shadows of Bill Withers and The Isley Brothers as well. Symphonic sounds give way to some really beautiful modern soul to introduce their sophomore effort. Getting back to original inspirations, they’ve delivered quite nicely a heavy soul tinged record that is genuine. We’re not talking some West Coast pop soul that tries, we’re speaking of life lessons that one can only live through to be able to produce this sound. You can’t fake hard times. Sliding into “Loneliness Has Eyes”, the result is a smoky, sad tale that brings back sounds of Stax and Philly artists and weaves a tale of love lost and isolation. Let’s not forget some beautiful piano as well. “Darling What’s Wrong” is a Reverend Al Green funky soul get down, while the side “Lose That Way” is a tribute to great soul vocal groups, beautifully composed and aurally pleasing. These boys know how to do it right.

“Our second record, like many others before us, has been a life affirming but at times painful experience. For all the good we did on our first record, we felt that there we’re many unanswered questions. It was important that this album put the record straight, not just for our fans and peers but for ourselves.” – Dan Legresley

On the title track, “Favourite Worry”, more Hayes influence gives way to truly genuine soul. The build up on this track is terrific. Powerful tracks like “Don’t Give Up The Night” echo Motown and will have crowds moving even if they have no idea who Berry Gordy ever was. Standing up and pulling you in even deeper, “Trouble” has definitely got to be the funkiest tune on this record, this tune is not bringing anyone down. Produced by The Bees’ Paul Butler who also struck gold with artists like Michael Kiwanuka and Devendra Banhart, Favourite Worry is a must have record for 2015. With a timeless sound and genuine emotions throughout, The Milk have released a future classic for sure. With a long list of big shoes to follow, it looks like they have learned not just from their original inspirations, but from everyday real life pain that while unfortunate, is in our opinion necessary to be able to make music like this. Trying too hard can be spotted a mile away, but so can the real thing. The Milk are solid, so solid that you might say that if you didn’t know they were a new band you might ask what charity shop we dug this unknown album out from. The kind of record that goes for big money. Perhaps we will find out in years to come. For now, they’re here, touring, and playing music that moves people. If you buy one record this year, make it this one. Listen to a few tracks from Favourite Worry below.

Buy the record from Wah Wah 45s here.

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