Big Boom Bap – Dope I Mean EP

Big Boom Bap Fresh Herring 12Keeping it boom bap in every way possible, the group Big Boom Bap is dropping hard drums and head nodders that have been synonymous with the era. Forming in late 2013, “G Roc” Gayle ((Toronto, Canada, Crate Bugz, Piece Of Mind)), VersOne (Producer, Germany) and DJ Fresh (DJ, Paris France, Toronto, Canada) are serious about this thing they call hip hop. This very limited 12″ out on Fresh Herring Records is proof that the boom bap is still alive and well in many artists throughout the world. While some have embraced skinny jeans and fluorescent colors, these three are wearing Tims and triple goose and give zero effs if you like it or not.

“Dope I Mean” is the Hip Hop Transmitter that will help reward you with the pleasure of quality Hip Hop music and Kulture. For the ones that are already in tuned, you know the drill, and for the ones that don’t know, come and experience Boom Bap Hip Hop in it’s purest and rawest form.

That’s just the picture in your head you get, it’s like a snapshot from a golden era, where the drums were not the only thing that would snap your neck if you got out of line. “Dope I Mean” has all the great components of a good hip hop single. Drums, check. Dope flow, check. Great samples, check. You wonder why so many people just keep going back to this era when they make a record? It’s because this sound elicits good feelings, and let’s face it, the sound is second to none. With guest appearances by Soundsci and remixes from DJ Suspect & Doc TMK, it’s a full on sure shot. This is a little treat for your ears on this Friday morning. So boom, hit ’em hard and nod your head to another banger out of the Fresh Herring stable. Check the EP below.

Dope I Mean Track list:

A1 Dope I Mean
A2 94 Style
A3 Hit Em Hard
A4 Aim High feat. Soundsci

B1 Find Your Gift
B2 Cold Days
B3 Dope I Mean (VersOne Remix)
B4 94 Style (DJ Suspect & Doc TMK Remix)

Big Boom Bap

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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