The Mixers Shirt

Uncle Nu Mixer ShirtWe are all looking for good gear. Whether it’s to wear at a gig, or just be different. You can either follow the herd and wear the same retro Jordans, Supreme tee, and whatever five panel hat that’s popular at the moment or you can do things different. We’re not knocking the aforementioned company’s hustles, because they’ve earned the accolades they have, just look at the masses. However, we try to be a bit different here at FMF. We like smart dress, casual culture, and proper tees. When we see something that is out of the box, or just plain cool, well, we want to let you know. I remember trying to jeri rig turntables consoles together as a teen after I listened to Power 99 and attempt to scratch with my dad’s records and whatever vinyl I had started to collect. Fast forward to college and I got the itch after being a college radio DJ. I’m glad I don’t have the tape of my first on air train wreck of scratching. However, I finally got a horrible Gemini mixer and two Gemini turntables to learn on (that I bought in a Burger King parking lot from a DJ, no lie). Learning how to scratch and mix on that combination helped me shape who I am today. Graduating to a few different Vestax and then the Rane and beyond, it’s good not to forget your roots. DJ Nu-Mark is a dude who never forgets his roots as well. He teamed up with artist Marko Zamora to put out a shirt full of mixers. a must for anyone who has lived through the evolution of the DJ mixer. Plus it’s just great art as well. Leave it to Uncle Nu to drop the hot ish in his merch section. We loved it so much we thought it deserved more than a tweet.

Get the shirt here.

Keep Diggin’!

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